2010/03/26 23:50

Finally make it over. Though a little different from what I pretended to explain...

...never mind. I'm still lovin' it.

Despite hearing some rumors about what happend on Wednesday,

I am excited about what will be shown today!

Although I can't be there but, MY DEAR SA, all best wishes for you and U!!

I'm looking forward to your return ^o. ^ with my presents~

It is clear to me and the whole world that

this amazing guy is breaking up bounderies and flying high!

(But I still hope you five can fly together, though)

So I made this


Best wishes for U, and I really hope someday I can fly over the strait to meet you.

(Cuz some of my friends now live in the same city with you! And they see U.)

I heard that somebody SAY that KJJ will not return until the drama is over.

I REALLY don't believe it, truely.

Cuz you guys are some kind of SMART lovers others couldn't predict.

So, just wish having fun and enjoying your life!

Looking forward to  your FIVE guys' return.

PS: Believe or not, (on this spot) I really have ENOUGH patience. ^x. ^

PS & PS:

Inspiration comes from Adam Lambert

(I love YOU! Don't be so upset about breaking up with your boyfriend!!)

"For your Entertainment" (This guy is really SEXY and TOXIC!)


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